Legislative Issues

‘We have to balance the budget’: Republicans’ efforts to cut business taxes face roadblocks

BY TYLER BRIDGES | STAFF WRITER Republican legislators are advancing tax breaks to businesses that would cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars over the […]

Louisiana Takes Big Steps Toward Getting Re-Entry Ready

It may have been a short session, but it was a busy one for you, me, and all the other Louisiana criminal justice reform advocates. The […]


The Legislature faces unprecedented challenges but must convene and perform effectively and safely for the people and businesses of Louisiana.

Legislative Update

THE LEGISLATURE…The Louisiana Legislature will reconvene tomorrow, March 31, at 11:00am. They are not expected to stay in session long. March 31 is the last day […]

Understanding the CARES Act.

As we move through these historical and unprecedented times, we wish you the best to stay safe and healthy.  The communities and businesses throughout the Gulf […]

Update on CARES Act

Last night, the Senate passed the CARES Act 96-0 with 4 Senators not voting due to self-imposed quarantine measures. The House will convene this morning to […]

Louisiana residents pay 9.52% rate in combined local, state sales taxes, 2nd highest in U.S.

The combined average local and state sales tax rate in Louisiana is 9.52 as of Jan. 1, which is the second-highest rate among the 50 states, […]

Time to reset the future of Louisiana.

Now that the elections are over, it is time for us to focus on the upcoming legislative session and critical changes that need to be addressed […]

RESET in the News

Our Views: After the campaign, reality will face the winner of Louisiana governor’s race In political terms only, the two candidates to be Louisiana’s next governor […]

Legal Reform

America maintains the most expensive tort system in the world to the tune of $865 billion every year, yet studies show victims receive less than 15-cents […]

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