Will Sutton: Here’s another stat where Louisiana ranks 46th. We have a month to change.


A short 30 days will determine how many of us truly care enough about our dear state of Louisiana, our parishes and our home communities. If you haven’t already registered and “voted” to be counted by now, we have a short time to say who matters, a short time to insist that we receive all we’re owed.

You have a short time to be counted.

The U.S. Constitution — specifically Article 1, Section 2 — mandates that we count all who reside in our great nation every 10 years. This isn’t an argument about absentee, early, mail or in-person voting. This isn’t a discussion about birthplace or birthrights. Everybody gets counted. Citizens. Immigrants. Homeowners. Renters. Even those on long-term visits with family and friends. If you had an address of any kind in the United States on April 1, you should be counted. Whoever is counted will, in one way or another, contribute to important decisions about how the feds divide $1.5 trillion dollars.

The official U.S. Census Bureau count is… Click HERE to Continue Reading

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