Using ChatBot Technology in Times of Crisis.

IBM Watson Assistant for Citizens

Where we are with COVID-19:
COVID-19 has citizens looking for answers around symptoms, testing sites as well as current status of schools, transportation and other public services. They’re turning to their federal, state and local health and human services operations for those answers. For instance, states are communicating COVID-19 guidance by way of setting up call centers and issuing press releases. While these measures can help address citizen questions, they require significant expense and ongoing staff training to maintain up-to-date and accurate information as this is an evolving situation.

Solution Overview:
To help agencies address situations, IBM has specifically designed a virtual assistant, Watson Assistant for Citizens, that is preloaded to understand and respond to common questions about COVID19 directly leveraging CDC guidance. Additionally, agencies can customize unique intents* leveraging other important information – via voice calls and digital text channels –
to quickly help citizens get answers and stay informed.

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