Tom Galligan, Interim LSU President, reports LSU efforts to support our state and return to prosperity:

  *  Governor John Bel Edwards joined us during the opening week of the PPE operation in the PMAC. He spent a considerable amount of time walking through the stations and asking insightful questions, really curious about the science behind the technology.

  *   LSU Health Shreveport is coordinating COVID-19 testing in rural areas of North Louisiana by repurposing mobile cancer screening vans. Their effort is supported by a $175,000 grant from the Caddo Parish Commission and a $125,000 anonymous donor. The River Road Testing Lab <>, at Veterinary Medicine is conducting tests for 18 hospitals and emergency response units.

  *   In response to the COVID testing shortage, LSU Health Shreveport used existing research and design facilities to 3D print resin polymer nasal swabs which can be used by the EVT Lab. LSU Health Shreveport obtained the printing files for a patented swab design <>, becoming to the first in Louisiana to produce these patented 3D-printed swabs.

  *   Treatments and vaccines are in trial. LSU Health New Orleans is testing hydroxychloroquine; LSU Health Shreveport is testing a treatment using nitric oxide. Veterinary Medicine is working on a new coronavirus vaccines <> as part of an NIH funded program.

  *   LSU School of Dentistry. <>, meanwhile, repurposed 3D printers they normally use to make dentures, splints, and surgical guides to instead create N95 masks and face shields.

  *   LSU Health Shreveport/Ochsner developed a Coronavirus Parental Toolkit <>, and the LSU AgCenter 4-H program is bringing virtual recess <> and educational resources to elementary and middle school students.

  *   LSU’s National Center for Biomedical Research and Training/Academy of Counter-Terrorism developed new online training programs<> for emergency management and response professionals to stay safe, prepared, and resilient in the context of COVID-19.

  *   LSUA has asked to stand-up a PPE manufacturing operation and we are awaiting GOHSEP support.

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