Setting the Record Straight on Medicaid

Setting record straight on Medicaid
Jim Richardson
The Advocate, Apr 26, 2018 – 6:00 pm

A recent letter to the editor suggested Forbes magazine had conducted an analysis of Medicaid expansion and found it hurts the economy.

The writer did not name the referenced Forbes study. However, on March 18, 2018 Forbes published an article with the headline, “Study Illustrates How Medicaid Expansion Can Pay for Itself.” The article indicated that Medicaid Expansion produces a positive economic and fiscal impact on a state’s economy.

The LSU team conducted a detailed analysis of the economic impact of Medicaid expansion in Louisiana and found the same positive economic and fiscal impact for Louisiana as many other states have discovered and documented.

In state fiscal year 2017, Medicaid Expansion created 19,195 new jobs, added $74.6 million in tax collections to local governments and another $103 million in new tax revenues to state government. And, in the long-run, appropriate healthcare can upgrade the workforce, an important component of increasing the state’s productivity.

Jim Richardson

Alumni Professor, LSU

Baton Rouge

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