Michael Olivier: Two key amendments will make Louisiana more successful

The Committee of 100 for Economic Development is a private-sector nonpartisan business roundtable representing Louisiana’s business community statewide since 1992. We have engaged in public policy issues for almost 30 years investing time and resources to support issues that make a difference in our economic development competitiveness that includes the SECURE Louisiana project in the 1990s to RESET Louisiana in cooperation with CABL and PAR since 2018.

As a former secretary of economic development for Louisiana and a certified economic development professional, I support the Constitutional Amendments 1 and 2 on the Nov. 13 ballot. They will absolutely make Louisiana more competitive.

C100 members and our partners have worked to support the measures approved by our Louisiana legislators in 2021 that make these constitutional amendments critical to our economic development future and will make our state a better place to live and work. Working with businesses in our state and attempting to bring new business investment to Louisiana, I have witnessed how our tax system has impaired business operations, existing and those considering Louisiana. Too many businesses choose to avoid Louisiana because of our tax system with high tax rates and a complicated tax code. How we collect taxes is another problem that can be resolved with Amendment 1.

Let’s make Louisiana more attractive for business and industry to create more and better jobs for our citizens.


CEO, Committee of 100

Baton Rouge

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