Terry Denmon

Denmon Engineering

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Engineer, Businessman, Entrepreneur

Terry is a Registered Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor who has practiced throughout Louisiana since 1971.

Throughout his career of engineering, Terry has enjoyed the entrepreneurial aspect of America and has engaged in a number of entrepreneurial ventures which has led to the development of successful companies. Along the way, he has dedicated considerable time and resources to community service. He has served on a number of Boards and Commissions; most notable of these are the Monroe Chamber of Commerce and the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

In 1973 Terry founded what is today Denmon Engineering, located in Monroe, Louisiana. That firm continues today as one of the top engineering and surveying firms in the State of Louisiana.

Terry is also one of the founding Principals and serves as CFO of Cooley Dennis & Denmon Engineering Company which provides Construction Management and Quality Control Services mainly to governmental agencies and has been heavily involved in the clean up and reconstruction of the Gulf Coast following the devastating storms of 2005.

Other significant business ventures include being one of the founding partners, and currently Principal Owner, President & CEO of Huntwise Inc., a product development and manufacturing company which has grown to become the number one maker of motion decoys in the world which are sold and shipped on an international scale.

Terry has always been heavily involved in community service work and was recruited into the position of Vice Chair for Government for the Monroe Chamber of Commerce based on his knowledge of the workings of both Federal and State Governments, especially government funding of infrastructure projects. He led the movement to establish a strong lobbying effort in the Monroe community to gain Federal, State and Local funding for needed projects and enhancement for Economic Development, which included lobbying trips to both Washington D.C. and Baton Rouge. Terry advanced to serve as Chairman of the Monroe Chamber.

In 2001 Terry was also appointed by Governor Mike Foster to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission and served a constitutionally limited 6-year term. During that time he served as Chairman for two years and Vice-Chairman for two years and helped to shape the rules and regulations of both commercial and sport hunting and fishing; an extremely important part of life in the State of Louisiana.

Always wanting to give back to his community, Terry established a local charity under Denmon Engineering in 1997styled to raise funds to help needy children especially at Christmas, called “Caring for Kids”. This charity currently raises approximately $25,000 per year and assists approximately 450 needy children annually all over North Louisiana.

Currently, Terry operates these various ventures on a daily basis and looks for ways he can benefit his State and Community.