Sean M. Duffy, Sr.

Big River Coalition: Executive Director & Louisiana Maritime Association: Executive Vice President

Region 1
Geo Area

Mr. Duffy directs the Big River Coalition which is committed to protecting maritime commerce across the Mississippi River and Tributaries (MRT). He leads the Coalition which focuses on maximizing transportation efficiencies on the deep-draft ship channel from Baton Rouge to the Gulf of Mexico with a dedicated focus on channel maintenance. The Big River Coalition is at the forefront of efforts to deepen the Mississippi River Ship Channel to 50 feet. He spearheads the visions of the future of the MRT to ensure that systematic approaches protect maritime trade by maintaining fully authorized channel dimensions while also updating and maintaining navigation infrastructure, specifically the locks and dams along the MRT.

The Big River Coalition missions are focused on securing increased funding from the Harbor Maintenance Tax and the Inland Users Fuel Tax, efforts to deepen the Lower Mississippi River to 50 feet and to increase the beneficial use of dredge material or “sediment recycling.”

Mr. Duffy also serves as an Executive Vice President / Maritime Advocate for the parent company the New Orleans Steamship Association d.b.a. Louisiana Maritime Association. Mr. Duffy is a proponent for local industry specializing in advocating on Capitol Hill to secure supplemental funds for maintenance dredging and waterway maintenance. Previous employment experiences include various management positions, Boarding Agent, Deckhand, Stevedore General Superintendent, and Marine Surveyor. Mr. Duffy is familiar with obstacles faced by the maritime industry, both nationally and those specific to Louisiana, and has been recognized for his efforts on coastal restoration through maintenance dredging.