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Ronnie Mains, Jr. has established CRC Global Solutions as a consortium of business enterprises with their International Headquarters located in Kenner adjacent to Louis Armstrong Airport. Ronnie serves as President and CEO of the CRC enterprises where innovation is their hallmark. CRC-GS has leveraged a socially responsible brand everywhere in the world CRC has facilities and, of that fact, Ronnie is most proud.

Ronnie founded CRC Transportation and Warehousing in 2003. This enterprise is a rapidly growing and ever expanding company with 48 facilities in the U.S. and soon to be 6 abroad. From inception on through the present, CRC, Cross Road Centers Transportation and Warehousing, stands as one of the most trusted logistics companies in the U.S. CRC Realty, CRC Construction, and CRC Property Management have all been facilitative of our warehousing customers, whether fortune 500 or local companies, as they attempt to fill their site-location needs. These CRC companies have created their own extensive portfolios of clientele as well.

CRC Research and Development is committed to innovation as the gateway to our futures. Ronnie sees entrepreneurship as an asset to research and then development of technologies which expand industry horizons exponentially. CRC-R&D currently holds five patents and still has another three concepts in the developmental stage. Some of these will be industry changing. CRC’s scope of research covers the gamut from software and technology to machines and mechanisms.

In more recent years, Ronnie has become a venture capitalist in several up and coming Louisiana companies. He is also assisting several companies with their brand development. Paying-it-forward is a natural fit for Ronnie. Whether through: CRC We Care! We Share!; or assisting local business start-ups; or promoting Louisiana and our region throughout the world he finds his experiences very fulfilling and a Blessing. As an entrepreneur and Louisiana native son, Ronnie always focuses on solutions and possibilities here in Louisiana in order to expand our collective business capacity.

Ronnie’s love for the outdoors and nature is a lifelong passion. Our coastal wetlands were his playground and continue to be so. Needless to say, the health and well being of this treasure has become his passion as well. Fishing and Duck Hunting are his favorite hobbies, therefore, relaxing with his friends and family in “God’s Country” is Lagniappe!