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Elliott Bouillion is the President & CEO of Resource Environmental Solutions. Elliott brings nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial success and operational excellence across numerous industries to his investment activities, which range from angel funding and traditional venture capital to unique, creative private equity arrangements. Bouillion received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Louisiana Lafayette, in 1979. After graduating he founded Phoenix Computer Graphics, Inc., a manufacturer of advanced interactive high-resolution raster display controllers, later sold to Zendex Corporation. In 1984, Elliott joined Landmark Graphics Corporation, a leading supplier of interactive computer-aided exploration systems, as a founding member of the management team. During his twelve-year tenure as corporate Vice President and General Manager he managed various technology and service divisions in Houston and London. Landmark completed an IPO in 1988, experienced revenue growth to over $190 million, and was later acquired in 1996 by Halliburton. Elliott was a general partner with Murphree Venture Partners through mid-2008.

Elliott serves as a board member and Past President of the Houston Private Equity Association (HPEA) and is a founding sponsor and board member of the Houston Technology Council Energy Program. He has been an active participant on the board of directors of several small to mid-size growth companies including FRx Software (MSFT), Ischemia Corporation (IMA), Anark Corporation, and Object Reservoir.

In 2007, he began to explore alternative private equity investments including land resource management and mitigation banking. His efforts have been dedicated toward providing responsible stewardship of America’s ecosystems while generating attractive returns for his partners by investing human and financial capital in the restoration and preservation of environmentally sensitive lands to facilitate sustainable economic growth.