Dr. John F. George

President & CEO

Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana (BRF)

Region 7
Geo Area

With a diverse background in geology, medicine and business, Dr. George possesses a unique combination of business development, investment management and clinical management expertise.

Dr. George is currently President and CEO of BRF and led the organization through an expansion of programs, to include the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP), Envision Research, the Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy (CMIT), the Digital Media Institute at Intertech (DMII), Future State, the New Louisiana Angel Funds 1 and 2 (NLAF) and ownership and operation of University Health System, the region’s safety net healthcare system and clinical partner of LSU medical school in Shreveport.

Dr. George and key leadership led the hospitals and their 3,200 employees through a financial turnaround while increasing quality and service to North Louisiana’s indigent patients. Dr. George oversaw the preservation of the health system’s $800 million annual economic impact to North Louisiana and a $902.5 million boost to the state’s budget within the first three years of privatization of Louisiana’s safety net hospitals. In 2018, Dr. George and BRF leadership transitioned North Louisiana’s University Health System hospitals to Ochsner Health System, the largest healthcare system in the state.

In addition to serving on numerous boards of directors and formerly the LSU Board of Supervisors, Dr. George owns and operates G6 Management a private investment and capital management firm. Prior to starting G6 Management, Dr. George co-founded and led the development of LifeCare Management Service, LLC, a long-term acute care hospital system serving patients with a length of stay of greater than 25 days. Through hospital startups and acquisitions spearheaded by Dr. George, LifeCare owned and operated 20 hospitals in 9 states with 3,000 employees managing more than 1,200 patients per day and with annual revenues of $300 million. In addition to his leadership role, Dr. George also headed the implementation team that opened and operationalized each of the hospitals started by LifeCare. In 2005 LifeCare Management was purchased by the Carlyle Group.