David Sickey

Tribal Chairman

Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana

Geo Area
Region 5

David Sickey (Deer clan) is a member of the 944-member Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, a federally recognized Native American Tribe located in Southwest Louisiana. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Tribe and a member of the Tribe’s elected five-member governing body, the Tribal Council, having recently been re-elected to an unprecedented fourth term.

In his role as Vice-Chairman, David deals with public policy issues on Tribal, local, state, and national levels. He plays a key role in Tribal governance, community relations, sovereignty issues, social and economic development, and land-use planning. He is focused on the establishment of long-term economic and social stability for the Tribe and the surrounding communities. David helped create the Coushatta Tribal Department of Commerce in order to coordinate all non-gaming economic development efforts for the Tribe, including diversification of business holdings, generation of long-term sustainable income, job creation, and promotion of economic development initiatives. He was also instrumental in the formation of the Tribe’s Economic Development Advisory Council.

He spearheaded the launch of the Coushatta Farmers’ Market with the Imperial Calcasieu Resource Conservation and Development Council. The Coushatta Farmers’ Market has grown each year in popularity and has been awarded grants from the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service to expand and promote the availability of fresh, local produce. David also helped create and host the annual Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana Agri-Business Marketing Conference, which has included appearances by regional and state agriculture industry leaders.

David helped plan and launch a major export by the Tribe to establish ties with foreign governments in order to bring about cultural exchange and business development. The first significant step in this effort took place when the Coushatta became the first Native American tribe to recognize, honor and welcome official representatives of the State of Israel. David was the architect of this nation-to-nation outreach effort and he has continued to develop the Tribe’s relationship with Israel by traveling to the country multiple times.

Because of his strong leadership role within the Tribe, David has been featured in a variety of state, national, and international media. He has been interviewed for articles in national news outlets such as USA Today, The Washington Post, The Hill, and The New York Times, Louisiana publications such as 1012 Magazine and Thrive Magazine, and The Marker newspaper in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has also appeared on national news shows such as “Nightline”.David was born May 1, 1978, to Ernest and Ena Mae Sickey and is a life-long resident of Elton, Louisiana. He is currently serving his fourth four-year term as a member of the Coushatta Tribal Council. David was first elected to the Coushatta Tribal Council in May 2003, at the age of 25, making him the youngest person ever elected to the Council. He is married to Kelly Cannon Sickey of Kinder, Louisiana, with whom he has four children.