Charles Masters

Senior Partner


Region 2
Geo Area
Capital Region

Charles is the Senior IBM State Executive for Louisiana and is putting his focus on Baton Rouge.  He firmly believes that the best days for Baton Rouge and Louisiana business are ahead of us.  It is the Right Time for technology and Baton Rouge is the Right Place for us to Change the World.

Charles served as the Vice President for North America Client Innovation Centers and leads the Baton Rouge CIC.  He is also the leader of Artificial Intelligence,  Automation, Robotics and Innovation within IBM Global Business Services. He has over 30 years of experience and held many delivery roles from Project Executive, Sector Delivery Leader and Innovation Leader.  He has a passion for the business, technology and his clients.  He currently supports over 300 clients across 5 Client Innovation Centers.  He has spent his career in the IBM Global Account, Application Development, Retail Industry and Distribution Sector.

Charles is an innovation and transformation leader.  He has led innovation for the last three years setting the agenda with accounts, workshops and events.  He received a patent filing award for his “Innovation Incubator” which he uses to incubate new capabilities and practices within IBM.

Charles is a hands on leader with his team and clients who is always driving an agenda of innovation and continuous improvement.  He has a positive personality and works hard to motivate his team to meet joint goals.  He is very committed to mentoring employees and helping his team reach their ultimate potential and contribution within the organization.  He is very process oriented and has one of the best management systems for high quality delivery.

Charles is involved in a several charities globally and locally. He has traveled internationally providing aid to those in need.  He works with and sponsors local youth who are at risk in his community.  His favorite hobbies are technology, attending University of Florida sports events and enjoying the Sportsman’s paradise in his fishing boat on Lake Pontchartrain.