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Brandon is the founder and CEO of EFEND, LLC. He has over 20 years of experience in distributed enterprises, information technology, cybersecurity and management. His background includes extensive experience in organizational leadership, strategic oversight and guidance, organizational compliance, cybersecurity, technology, and privacy.
Most recently as founder and CEO of EFEND, Brandon works to create general awareness, improve businesses cybersecurity posture, and maximize return of investment on technology. EFEND, Inc. (a Louisiana based business) is working to create the next generation of technology and cybersecurity leaders by giving students access to advanced tools and resources like mentoring while promoting a culture of innovation and improvement
Prior to EFEND, Brandon held various leadership positions, provided consultative services, and had the privilege to receive board appointments for some of the nation’s leading businesses and organizations This included appointment to the national institute of standards and technology (NIST) board of examiners as part of the Malcom Baldrige performance excellence program working under general direction by the US Department of Commerce.
Brandon is a noted speaker and regularly presents on topics such as transformative technology, cybersecurity, and privacy. Brandon was actively published by ISACA press as a subject matter expert related to technology, cybersecurity, and information governance and has been cited in training, certification manuals, and instructional material.
Brandon is a native of Louisiana and is married to Lynn (a native of Livingston, La.). The couple have 3 children.