Louisiana to keep six congressional districts

The nation’s political center of gravity shifted farther to the Republican-led South and West today, with Texas, Florida and other Sun Belt states gaining congressional seats while chillier climes like New York and Ohio lost them. Louisiana will keep the same number of congressional seats. 

Altogether, the U.S. population rose to 331,449,281, the Census Bureau said, a 7.4 increase.

The new allocation of congressional seats came in the U.S. Census Bureau’s first release of data from a 2020 headcount. The numbers chart familiar American migration patterns, and confirm one historic marker: For the first time in 170 years of statehood, California is losing a congressional seat, a result of slowed migration to the nation’s most populous state, which was once a symbol of the country’s expansive frontier. 

The census release marks the official beginning of the once-a-decade redistricting battles. The numbers released today, along with more detailed data expected later this year, will be used by the Louisiana Legislatures to redraw the state’s political map to account for population shifts.

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