Louisiana Needs A RESET

Louisiana Needs A RESET

The clock is ticking on our children’s future. We must immediately accelerate progress in our state for the next generation. Nothing changes while we wait.

Critically, we must have a simple, efficient, and modernized approach to our state finances. Louisiana leaders must realign the approach and resources dedicated to education, transportation infrastructure, and public safety in order to ensure consistency with specific ambitious outcomes. Start where we are ranked among the worst in the country. Own the fact that if you are not playing a role in making it better, then you are playing a role in keeping it the same.

Louisiana needs a reset.

This fall’s elections provide an opportunity to inform candidates who will soon become elected officials about the importance of resolving long-term challenges — now. Louisiana has made strides in past decades, but where we are is not where we need to be. The candidates this fall are key to this process and must help us make the changes that are urgently needed.

I have the honor of serving as chair of The Committee of 100 for Economic Development. Our friends at the Council for A Better Louisiana and the Public Affairs Research Council have long sought to improve government and the climate for commerce and jobs. Now, for the first time, our groups have joined forces on a plan to foster change for Louisiana’s future. That plan is called RESET.

RESET is a targeted, nonpartisan effort. A reset is something we do when we are willing to admit we must strengthen our resolve and change our approach to achieve the results we all want for the future; namely for our children’s future.

Join us in this RESET effort. Together we can reset Louisiana’s future, because nothing happens when we wait. Visit www.reset-louisiana.com for all the details.

Gray Stream

Committee of 100 for Economic Development, Inc.

Baton Rouge

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