Letters: Congress must speak with one voice for Louisiana’s federal assistance

Our state has endured and recovered from numerous catastrophes over the years, but the cumulative effect of multiple unprecedented catastrophic events over the last twelve months is taking a toll on the resilience of our people and our economy.

Local leaders and businesses throughout Louisiana witness and experience these challenges personally and understand that while our state may be small in size, it is immense in its impact on our nation’s economy. However, this is not always understood by those that live elsewhere.

It is critical to us that our representatives in Congress demonstrate a unified front to secure the federal assistance so badly needed in our state in a timely manner. Our goals are the same — to produce results that enable our state and people to regain traction in our economic and social lives and to establish a stronger and more resilient economy for our future.

We urge our delegation to speak with one voice as they secure prompt federal disaster assistance for the recovery and rebuilding effort brought on by the devastation of Hurricane Ida, and to obtain the much-needed supplemental disaster aid from hurricanes Laura and Delta.


chairman, Committee of 100 for Economic Development

Baton Rouge

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