Legislature Increases GO Grant Appropriations

July 10, 2018

Legislature Increases Louisiana GO Grant Appropriation

A Program of the Board of Regents

Baton Rouge – Additional need-based state financial aid will be available to Louisiana postsecondary students during the 2018-19 academic year thanks to a $2 million increase in funding for the popular Louisiana GO Grant program, bringing the full annual allocation, as approved by the Board of Regents, to $28,429,108.

“We are grateful to the Governor and Louisiana Legislature for recognizing the value of increasing aid for Louisiana’s most needy students,” said Commissioner of Higher Education Dr. Kim Hunter Reed. “With this increase in funding for the GO Grant program, we will improve affordability for more of our students beginning this fall.”

The GO Grant program was created in 2007 to provide a need-based component to the state’s financial aid plan to support nontraditional and low-to-moderate-income students who need additional aid to afford the cost of attending college.

During the 2017-2018 Academic Year a total of 22,953 students, representing every parish in Louisiana, received GO Grant assistance with an average award amount of $1,144.59.

To be considered, the student must be a Louisiana resident, have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), have been awarded a Pell Grant, and still have unmet remaining financial need after all other scholarships, grants and the expected family contribution (EFC) have been considered.

The Financial Aid Office of the eligible participating institution is responsible for determining a student’s eligibility. All schools in the LSU, University of Louisiana, Southern University and Louisiana Community and Technical College systems participate in the GO Grant program. Additional information may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office at the school attended.

For more information on GO Grant recipients by parish, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ODs8vI6pVV7kJdeiBfXE4_o7wbB7VQeJ6gLoWRcNy9yluLdLZPV_P2z1K-zCX1_CSVh3O0b4uQI2okbP017GDdSg2FLcBhSKdXMri6Rv_Ie0wZ8QFbmwIXljmqK5Lt2CI2N5xwvJ0ZsM_GcLDeZ73uo5tQ8eu8jwJffe4ZSDiWxZwD1M3-1ZZ9ht0sapjynkhxknhW2yHkRrKBX3bvbhfRIHQz1H8QRISZtiuEMq9bcoQGtMxZNPbZaBi7Ft1pZ7&c=z0G1dP1q2P0AQ9zWHFjvtArMk_UB7HmWIZeyaifzId5HGYU_ovuNeA==&ch=sIsfZKm7GN-MFhF9-0uZlrWgODAS6Yj98hUHncUgyfQJutBL1jeihA==>.

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