International Trade

International Trade

International Trade and investment supports jobs and economic growth in every state, and now supports an estimated 38.1 million American jobs. U.S. trade-related employment grew six and one-half times faster than total U.S. employment between 2004 and 2011. See how Louisiana ranks in the areas of International Trade and Investment, Globally-Engaged US Companies, and Trans-Pacific Partnerships.

Trade Works for Louisiana

Trade works for Louisiana.
Tariffs don’t.

The administration’s new tariffs threaten to spark a global trade war. Canada, Mexico, the EU, and China have already retaliated or announced plans to retaliate with billions of dollars in tariffs on American-made products.

Tariffs imposed by the United States are nothing more than a tax increase on American consumers and businesses, including manufacturers, farmers and technology companies, who will all pay more for commonly used products and materials. Retaliatory tariffs imposed by other countries on U.S. exports will make American-made goods more expensive, resulting in lost sales and ultimately lost jobs here at home. This is the wrong approach, and it threatens to derail our nation’s recent economic resurgence.

Louisiana Jobs Supported by Trade: 553,200
Total State Exports Threatened by New Tariffs: $5,940,026,840

Total Exports to Canada Threatened by New Tariffs: $120,469,509

  1. Herbicides, Antisprout: $47,981,707
  2. Coffee, Roasted, Not Decaffeinated: $47,365,241
  3. Sauces Etc., Mixed Condiments and Seasonings: $8,460,803

Total Exports to China Threatened by New Tariffs: $5,724,987,886

  1. Soybeans: $5,619,274,731
  2. Corn: $45,167,980
  3. Grain Sorghum: $42,980,309

Total Exports to EU Threatened by New Tariffs: $87,386,221

  1. Corn $51,508,479
  2. Vegetables, Prep Etc., No VinegarĀ  Etc., Frozen: $26,383,041
  3. Articles of Iron or Steel: $2,163,095

Total Exports to Mexico Threatened by New Tariffs: $7,183,224

  1. Food Preparation: $1,853,617
  2. Pipe, Oil Line Etc.: $1,380,438
  3. Drill Pipe used for Oil, Gas Drilling, Iron/Steel: $827,675
Visit to see the impact of new tariffs on all 50 U.S. states.

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