House Speaker Pro Tempore seeks Louisiana constitutional convention to address budget matters

(The Center Square) – Louisiana House Speaker Pro Tempore Tanner Magee is calling for a limited constitutional convention to amend language regarding tax structure, dedicated revenues and fiscal restraints on local governments.

Magee, R-Houma, filed House Bill 259 ahead of the regular legislative session, which starts March 14, to call for a constitutional convention in August aimed at giving lawmakers in the General Assembly more latitude with budget issues.

“It has been more than 42 years since the Constitution of Louisiana became effective at midnight on December 31, 1971, and during these years the document which constitutes the state’s basic law has been amended some 203 times,” HB 259 reads.

The bill points to constitutional changes needed to address issues with the state’s tax structure, how state revenues are allocated for health care and higher education and fiscal restraints on local governments “that dramatically limit their authority to meet fiscal and budgetary demands,” among others.

“The constitution today contains many provisions that restrict the legislature in effectively addressing state and constituent needs, and the document also includes extensive provisions that are so detailed as to be statutory rather than constitutional in nature and, as a result, require further constitutional amendment when any change is needed,” HB 259 reads.

“A serious analysis and revision of the state constitution is needed if the state is to conduct a genuine examination of the state’s critical needs, to undertake an in-depth consideration of reform proposals, and to craft provisions that allow for flexibility and innovation in legislative solutions to problems of the present and the future.”

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