Early Childhood Business Roundtable

The Committee of 100 along with the Policy Institute for Children have teamed up to establish the Louisiana Early Childhood Business Roundtable.
The Louisiana Early Childhood Business Roundtable (LAECBR) is an informal statewide network of business leaders that educates and engages the business community, policy makers and the media to promote early childhood care and education in Louisiana, ensuring that Louisiana’s young children are ready for success in school and in life.

Skilled Workforce Louisiana’s business leaders have an understanding of the importance of a well-educated workforce to keep America competitive globally and ensure a vibrant economy.

Globalization and new technology have reduced the chances of earning a living wage without advanced skills or education, at the same time that the proportion of Americans who have the skills to meet that need is shrinking.

What is clear is that individuals need to achieve education beyond a high school degree and need to develop advanced technical skills. Early and sustained participation in quality early care and education leads to:

-More children graduating high school

-Higher earnings rates for parents and for the children once grown

-Reduced public spending on remedial education and services,

-Lower incarceration rates.

The pathway toward a skilled workforce in Louisiana is a challenge because Louisiana’s four year high school graduation rate is only 74%. Also, though most jobs in Louisiana require education after high school, of all students who graduated in 2013, only 56 percent entered universities or community colleges as freshmen last fall.
By investing in quality child care and early learning settings, Louisiana’s children will be on a pathway toward the skill set they need to be productive and successful in tomorrow’s workforce.

For more information, visit www.laecbr.org

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