COVID-19 Snapshot: July 24, 2020 Update

New graphics on Hospital Capacity
2,084 New Cases | 29 deaths
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According to PAR’s analysis, the Orleans region is decreasing while all other regions are increasing.
The graphs in this report show the number of new cases per 100,000 residents over a 14- day period, which is a method used by the state. By calculating the cases according to population in this way, the results from region to region are easier to compare to determine the severity of the outbreak. 
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14 Day Look-Back
PAR uses an average of new cases over a three-day period to smooth out irregularities that could be related to reporting inconsistencies. (LDH also uses multiple-day averaging.) Then, a statistically derived trendline – in the form of a straight line — is fitted to the data to gauge whether cases are increasing, decreasing or have reached a plateau, according to the CDC definition for each.
COVID-19 Statewide Hospital Capacity Data(Click to enlarge)
This graph details statewide hospital capacity data provided by LDH. Region 2 (Capital) continues to increase in hospital capacity percentage in use, with ICU beds jumping to 86% in use and hospital beds and ventilators increasing slightly to 79.1% and 28%, respectively. Region 4 (Lafayette) percentage of ICU beds in use continues increasing as well at 86%.The percentage of hospital beds in use is at almost 74%. The numbers for the use of hospital beds represent all patients, with and without COVID-19.
COVID-19 Breakdown by Race
A graphic in the July 23 “COVID-19 Snapshot” contained an incorrect figure that overstated the number of cases among Blacks in the Central region of Louisiana. The graphic shown here reflects the correct number.
Research Brief Available | Disparities Mark COVID-19 ImpactOn July 17, PAR released a research brief, Disparities Mark COVID-19 Impactwhich provides data analysis and further indications of COVID-19’s disparate impact on Black people in Louisiana.  Read it here: link
To access PAR’s COVID-19 Portal Visit our website: Here

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