C100 Supports LSU Public Administration Institute

C100 Supports LSU Public Administration Institute

The Committee of 100 for Economic Development, Inc. has provided a cash grant to the LSU Public Administration Institute as part of the 2018 Fiscal Reform action plan. The Institute’s faculty is active in various research projects affecting the public policies of the state and has been very active in providing information to the political leaders and the citizens of the state. The Institute’s Alumni Professor, Dr. Jim Richardson, serves as a Member of the Revenue Estimating Committee, and provides important and critical advice on fiscal, budget and tax reform issues.

The Public Administration Institute in the E. J. Ourso College of Business has been active in state and local tax and budgeting issues for many years. Many of the state’s public servants, ranging from the current Secretary of Revenue to the Governor’s Chief of Staff, the Under-Secretary for the Division of Administration, the fiscal directors in both the House and Senate as well as staff members for our Congressional delegation, are graduates of the Master of Public Administration program at LSU. Dr. Richardson states “I’m very proud of the students I’ve has taught over the years to see how they have contributed so much to the state and local governments.”

C100 appreciates LSU Public Administration Institute’s contributions to improving the government’s role and the role of nonprofits in enhancing the state’s economic climate.

C100 is an independent non-government business roundtable of senior corporate executives and university leaders in Louisiana and seen as a respected business voice on state issues impacting business and economic development. The business roundtable is an organization to which government, policy, and media leaders turn for reliable, nonpartisan policy guidance providing access to some of the critical thinkers in business and academia in Louisiana.

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