C100 Promotes Transportation Investment

The Committee of 100 for Economic Development, Inc., Louisiana’s Business Roundtable, believes Louisiana’s economic future will be strengthened by increasing our investment in infrastructure, including roads, bridges, ports, and waterways. This investment will enhance public safety, relieve traffic congestion, and support commerce and economic development. The Government Reform in Transportation (GRIT) bill aligns with our transportation principle in the RESET Louisiana agenda. 

Louisiana must put up state dollars as a required match to qualify for our share of federal funding for infrastructure projects. Our current level of investment is insufficient to meet our match obligations in the future. Louisiana should pursue every workable opportunity to supplement state fuel tax revenue. The state constitution requires that any new fuel taxes must be placed in a special fund to ensure expenditure on roads, bridges, and other infrastructure – and not on regular operation of the state transportation department. 

The Government Reform in Transportation (GRIT) Legislation being proposed by Representative Jack McFarland ensures Louisiana will be able to match and qualify for the federal dollars due to our state. This legislation would gradually take our individual investment from $24 per month to $37 per month over a ten year period, but could also save money for Louisiana drivers. Our bad roads cost Louisiana drivers approximately $60 per month.

“No one likes paying more taxes, but this new investment is urgently needed and would directly contribute to improving commerce and quality of life across our State” stated Tim Temple, Chair of the Committee of 100.

*The Committee of 100 for Economic Development, Inc. is Louisiana’s Business Roundtable striving to impact public policy to improve the business environment for existing industry and bring more business to Louisiana. See www.RESET-Louisiana.com

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