C100 Members giving back to front-line workers

C100 Member Transformyx works with other local companies to donate gift cards to front-line workers at Baton Rouge General

BATON ROUGE, La. – A group of local companies – 46 in all – teamed up to provide gift cards to the nursing staff at Baton Rouge General. The result of a fundraising campaign spearheaded by Transformyx and PartnersOne, the group raised over $32,000, giving each nurse a $45 PartnersOne gift card that they can redeem at hundreds of local businesses in Baton Rouge.

“The employees at Transformyx wanted to give back in a meaningful way, and we are excited  that we helped make this happen,” said Jim DuBos, managing partner and CEO of Transformyx. “To have such amazing participation shows a united message to our frontline workers — we appreciate them and their efforts caring for our community.”

Jim DuBos, Transformyx

Jim DuBos and Pete Rizzo, of PartnersOne, will present the gift cards to Baton Rouge General’s Chief Nursing Officers Monica Nijoka and Joni Lemoine, and Baton Rouge General Foundation President Erik Showalter on Monday as an early gift to start Nurses Week.

“When the Transformyx team reached out to us, we jumped at the chance to help support our healthcare workers here in Baton Rouge,” said Rizzo. “We know life is hectic for them right now, and we’re happy to make things a little easier, whether it’s a meal they don’t have to worry about or cleaning services to ease their mind.”

Pete Rizzo, PartnersOne

The top contributors of this effort were Transformyx, Baker Printing, Roto Rooter, Guaranty Media, Green Escapes Landscapes, Road Dawg Electrical, Daryl’s Automotive, French Market Bistro and Mansurs On the Boulevard. A complete list of the companies can be found here.

About Transformyx

Formed in 1987, Transformyx is a Louisiana-based provider of agile, strategic technology and business solutions built upon innovation. The company services over 1,000 clients across the U.S., in various enterprises such as financial, education, government, healthcare, legal, as well as mid-market and commercial. For more information,  visit transformyx.com.

About PartnersOne

PartnersOne is a managed barter community that has brokered over 100 million dollars in revenue between locally owned Capital Area businesses over the past 20 years. We have never met a small business we couldn’t grow.  For more information, visit partnersone.org.

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