C100 Member Humana gives BRAF Emergency Relief Fund $500k to aid COVID-19 response

Source: Caitie Burkes, Baton Rouge Business Report https://www.businessreport.com/newsletters/humana-foundation-gives-braf-emergency-relief-fund-500k-to-aid-covid-19-response

The Humana Foundation has granted $500,000 to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation charitable fund responding to the COVID-19 outbreak—the largest gift ever to BRAF’s Emergency Relief Fund.

Soon after the pandemic struck Baton Rouge, BRAF established the Emergency Relief Fund and raised about $334,000 from businesses and the public. 

So far, BRAF has granted nearly $180,000 from the fund to organizations responding to immediate needs, such as feeding children and people who have lost their jobs, caring for a growing homeless population, and paying for technology that lets families see and talk to their loved ones who are isolated in COVID-19 wards. Grants have also paid for testing and other medical equipment in an effort to contain the pandemic.

The Humana Foundation’s gift is part of its recent announcement to commit $50 million to coronavirus relief and recovery efforts to a select group of organizations supporting essential workers, food security, behavioral health and local communities.

“The Humana Foundation understands the far-reaching strain the pandemic has placed on many organizations working on the frontlines to provide healthcare, food and employment for those disproportionality affected by the COVID-19 health crisis,” says CEO Walter D. Woods in a prepared statement, “and our aim is to remove barriers and help them respond, recover and rebuild.” 

Woods says the Humana Foundation hopes the $500,000 commitment will not only help provide crisis relief, but also serve as a catalyst in building sustainable, long-term community resilience.

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