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C100 members are contributing to the information needed for our members to make decisions. Please see the message below provided by C100 member Steven Udvarhelyi , M.D. CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact to our members, employees and the communities that we serve. We are following CDC, federal and state recommendations regarding the coronavirus. Just as we prepare for weather situations such as hurricanes and floods, we have contingency plans in place to ensure our members have access to the care and medications they need.

Blue Cross is encouraging our members to use telehealth when possible, and has made the following coverage changes in response to the spread of COVID-19:

  • $0 telehealth doctor visits. Members and their dependents can use BlueCare for 24/7 online visits with U.S. trained, board-certified doctors at no charge. or the BlueCare (one word) mobile app may be used for routine, non-emergency health needs like colds, rashes or upset stomach. Please note that due to increased demand for telehealth, wait times for BlueCare may be longer than usual.

To accommodate the increased demand for remote healthcare, we are encouraging members to check with their regular healthcare providers to see if they offer telehealth options, too. Members would pay their usual cost-sharing amount, depending on their plan type and benefits, to use telehealth services other than BlueCare. We are also letting more providers deliver care via telehealth and be reimbursed for it, to make it easier for them to treat patients remotely.

  • No prior authorization for tests and care for COVID-19. Blue Cross is not requiring doctors to get prior authorization for diagnostic tests for COVID-19 and for covered care that are medically necessary and meet U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • $0 Covered tests for COVID-19. Blue Cross will cover, with no cost share, appropriate medically necessary diagnostic tests for COVID-19 based on CDC guidance, where it is not covered by the U.S. Public Health Service response.
  • Early refills allowed. Members may refill medicine early if they have refills left. They may also get an extended-day supply and may have certain drugs delivered by mail.

If members have trouble getting early refills at the pharmacy, they can show their pharmacists these instructions for early refills from Express Scripts; call Express Scripts at the Pharmacy number on their ID cards (1-866-781-7533); or call Blue Cross Customer Service. Members should note that the pharmacy may need to call a member’s doctor to update the prescription or for approval to fill a drug.

We have a website,, which explains what programs and services we have to support our members during this time. That site is updated as new information becomes available, and we encourage our members to check it frequently.

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