“The Gulf of Mexico should be top of mind for American Energy Security”

The Gulf of Mexico should be top of mind for American Energy Security
We have all heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind.” Well just because the employees and production assets of the Gulf of Mexico oil and natural gas industry are out of view, miles away from the Louisiana coast, they should very much be top of mind to Americans.

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise recently invited members of Congress and Fox News to see firsthand what many Louisianans already know. Gulf of Mexico oil and natural gas production is safe, one of the lowest carbon-intensive producing basins in the world, and creates tens of thousands of Louisiana jobs, all while being vitally important to American energy security

Unfortunately, the Administration’s leasing ban on federal waters creates great uncertainty for the future of this critical industry. The LMOGA team has been working closely with our state and federal association partners and other stakeholders, as well as with our member companies to urge Washington to take immediate steps towards the development of a 5-year offshore leasing plan.

Louisiana remains uniquely positioned to help meet global energy demands, and with the correct policies in place, our industry stands ready to support America with access to a stable supply of reliable and affordable energy.

So my question to all who need to visualize what Gulf of Mexico energy production really looks like is this, can you see it? My answer is, yes you can!

Please take a moment and watch this news clip from Scalise’s recent visit to the Shell Appomattox platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Afterward, I hope you can agree that this industry cannot be ignored, and America very much needs it to be “top of mind.”


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