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C100 member again named IEDC’s Citizen Leader

The Citizen Leadership Award recognizes a community or business leader, or an individual who is not an economic development practitioner, who plays a key leadership role and has endeavored to f...... [more]

Toups named Outstanding Board Member by CAUW

Baton Rouge, La. – Executive Vice President of Turner Industries, Stephen Toups, has been honored with the Outstanding Board Member Award from Capital Are United Way (CAUW). This award...... [more]

Hey Louisiana...

As Dwight Hudson goes around the relatively affluent and decidedly conservative Metro Council district he was elected last year to represent, the constituent feedback he hears is mostl...... [more]

Getting to Yes: A Letter for Dr. Rozeman
Getting to Yes: A Letter for Dr. Rozeman

Getting to Yes, is a book written 35 years ago by the lead negotiators of the successful Camp David accord between Israel and Egypt in 1978. It was an agreement between two nations wit...... [more]