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C100's BILL WATCH: 2017 Louisiana Legislative Session​


SB 226

The first bill, SB 226, will eliminate just under $1B out of $7B in statutory dedications, which are programs that were created by state law or the Constitution and receive funding off the top. Passage of this bill will give the legislature more control over our spending and prioritize more funding for important areas, like higher education.


SB 187

 The second bill, SB 187, requires state agencies to use metrics to measure the results of our investment dollars and to benchmark our results against programs in other states or private industries. Would it surprise you to know that we don't do this currently? By partnering with the Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative, we will have access to a database of over 1000 programs across 20 states that will make better use of our dollars and deliver results. 


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