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All things are not created equal

Clarion Ledger


Imagine a Mississippi without Nissan. Or Ingalls. Or others. The economy would be worse.Let us, for a moment, imagine a Mississippi without wouldn’t be much different, or it might possibly be even better.


The reality is the vast economic growth we have seen would not have happened without recruiting these companies to Mississippi.

If the state had not competed for the Nissan project, would the company still have built its facility in Madison County and opened it in 2003?

Not a chance.

Economists, when trying to determine the value of something, like to use the concept of “Ceteris Paribus,” which means “all other things being equal” or “other things held constant.” The reason for employing this method is it’s often very difficult to identify all the variables that ultimately influence change. Thus, they try and simplify the process viewing it as if everything were equal.