Legislative Issues

2018 Legislative Session

  C100 Letter to Governor Edwards and Legislative Leadership Open Letter to the LA Legislature (CABL, C100, Blueprint) C100 Letter to Governor-Speci...... [more]

Second Special Session Outcome

  So how did we get here? Pick your cliche' - Groundhog Day, Déjà vu All over Again or simply Trainwreck, they all fit. For the third June in a row, we find ourselves unfortunately witness...... [more]

HB 27 - Rep. Lance Harris

HB 27 moves the rate of the temporary state sales and use tax from 1% to .33% and extends the sunset of the tax from 2018 to 2023. It also provides for the applicability of certain exc...... [more]

Fiscal Reform Resources and Downloads

Fiscal Reform resources and downloads Fact Sheets The Higher Education Mid-Year Cuts Fact Sheet Commissioner Dardenne’s the Truth About Statutory Dedications PAR’s policy brief on a ...... [more]

Fiscal Reform Study

The state is facing another $1.6 billion deficit in FY 2015-2016, even as the state experiences an economic boom. Tax reductions, credits, and exemptions will likely be on the table as topics o...... [more]

Legal Reform

America maintains the most expensive tort system in the world to the tune of $865 billion every year, yet studies show victims receive less than 15-cents of every dollar. Within this broken sys...... [more]