PAR Releases Plan to Control State Spending

PAR Releases Plan to Control State Spending

The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana released a report and proposals Jan. 29 to help control the state budget. PAR recommends the governor and legislators submit strong and specific assurances for budget cuts, controls and cost containments prior to approving tax increases.

This report explains how the state got into its current state of fiscal imbalance. It provides a specific list of budget controls and initiatives that, if followed, would reduce or hold down Louisiana government spending or re-route spending to better state priorities. The report recommends a fiscal framework for tracking how to balance the budget as the Legislature and state leaders in the coming months debate various plans for revenue increases and spending cuts.

The governor should call upon the Legislature to join him in pursuing these cost controls. He should begin by addressing the major high-priority costs for the state that contribute to budget inflation: debt, pensions and Group Health benefits.

By following the list of pledges in this PAR report, state leaders would demonstrate both a commitment and a strategy to control costs. These specific plans will help ensure the public that tax increases will not be used to allow unchecked government expansion or to distribute new revenue without accountability.

For the full version of the report, click here.


PAR: A plan to control state spending.