Health Care

Health Care

Louisiana’s health care sector constitutes a group of industries that provide comprehensive primary and preventive health care and social services to individuals and families. In addition to providing critically needed health care services, Louisiana’s health care sector significantly impacts its communities’ economies.

According to Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals, The Louisiana Health Care Sector:

♦provides direct employment for people in the communities, including critical entry-level jobs, training, and career building opportunities that are community-based. In 2007, these sectors represented 214,319 employed workers with a total impact of 330,946 jobs.

♦purchases goods and services throughout the state, thereby stimulating local economies through an infusion of health center spending. With $9,816,087,000 in operating expenditures and profits from these sectors in 2007, the total financial impact was $13,776,479,000.

♦further stimulates local economies through the indirect expenditures of related sectors and the induced expenditures of new household income generated by the direct and indirect effects.

♦engages in capital development projects, often acting as a catalyst for significant economic revitalization within communities by attracting investment and other businesses to the state.