Critical Vote - Last Day of 2018 2nd Special Session

Critical Vote - Last Day of 2018 2nd Special Session

On the eve of the last day of the legislative session, the Senate passed its version of the spending plan on a 38-1 vote relying on a tax measure to be agreed upon by the House. The senate version calls for a 1/2 cent sales tax. The House version proposed a 1/3 sales tax with 4.3 cents on MM&E and business utilities. Today the House and the Senate will negotiate on a final proposal that will avoid the fiscal cliff when the 1 cent sales tax expires June 30th.

The Senate version raises about $540 million in revenue that includes $53 million from the BP settlement with no cuts to TOPS, Universities, and minimal cuts to Health Care. The House version raises about $370 million from a 1/3 cents sales tax and has more significant cuts.

The difference between the versions means about 17 cents on a $100 purchase. Let your legislators know how you feel.

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