Dave Irwin

Bercen, Inc.
Capital Region
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Dave Irwin is President of Bercen, Inc. BERCEN is an employee-owned company that has manufactured quality specialty chemicals since 1958.

Today, BERCEN’s business is 100% with the paper industry. BERCEN develops, manufactures and sells specialty chemicals for the paper and paper board industries, and specializes in additives for coated paper and board manufacturers. Products known as insolubilizers, lubricants and surface sizes help to give gloss, water resistance, smoothness and improved printing characteristics to the paper surface. BERCEN’s products also assist with the formation of the paper web itself with products such as internal sizes, polymers and other specialty additives. BERCEN manufactures other more unique specialty products, such as latex saturants, several patented chemical systems and non-woven inkjet systems.

The majority of BERCEN’s products are used in coated and uncoated papers for the publication and graphic arts industry ending up in magazines, brochures, catalogues, copier papers and other printed media. The products in the board industry are generally used in box, packaging, and container products, frequently involving food products. Other products are used in gypsum board, wallpaper and other specialty paper products. BERCEN’s customers include many of the large integrated paper companies and smaller specialty paper manufacturers. The vast majority of coating additive sales are within the United States market, with only a small percentage in Canada and other countries.

BERCEN is the world's largest manufacturer of Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride (ASA), a functional chemical used in paper manufacturing. We provide ASA globally to paper mills on six continents.

BERCEN has finished the consolidation of production and technical activities in Denham Springs, Louisiana, and has completed the construction of a 13,000 sq ft building designed for the corporate offices and laboratories.