Bob Fudickar

Syncom Space Services/NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility
Geo Area
Region 1

Bob Fudickar has served as the Director of Business Development for NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility since March 2012. NASA’s effort to commercialize their campus in New Orleans has become more aggressive since the Space Shuttle program ended in 2011 and with the advent of the Space Launch System program currently being implemented. He served as Technology Industry Director for the Louisiana Department of Economic Development from August, 2005- February 2012. He brings 30 years of business development experience to the NASA/Jacob’s with an emphasis on technology, finance and capital markets. Most recently, he served as executive director of the Investor Relations Practice for ConsulttUS Group. He, also, served in technology related finance and investor relations capacities for Arthur Andersen, Avex Investments, and CenturyTel. He began his career as an investment banker with Paine Webber. His background demonstrates his command of international technology markets since his tenure with uniView Technologies, a leading technology bridge between China and the U.S. He focuses his efforts on working with universities, research organizations and businesses to promote research and development of new technologies in the state; the State of Louisiana’s point of contact for NASA; interact with technology companies to understand opportunities and obstacles to development; and lead team efforts to attract new technology businesses to the state and start new in-state ventures.

Bob sits on the Southern Growth Policies Board, the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative Management Council Board, Southern Technology Council Board of Directors, Louisiana Technology Council Board of Directors, Louisiana Immersive Technology Enterprise Commission, Louisiana Business & Technology Center at LSU and a member of U.S. Senator David Vitter’s Aerospace Corridor Committee along being a current Commissioner of the New Orleans Regional Business Park.

He attended Louisiana State University and graduated from University of Louisiana along with a graduate degree from the University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute.